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Thought Bitesize was just for revision? Think again! From job inspiration and skills for work, to CVs, cover letters and interviews, we’ve got you covered for all things job-related on Bitesize Careers.

We know that making decisions about your future can be pretty daunting. Exciting, but daunting! Scroll down for a taster of how Bitesize Careers can help you get off to a great start.

Jobs Inspiration

Whether you’ve got an idea about what you might like to do for work, or have no idea at all, our National Careers Week Q&A panels and job sector pages are great places to start. Hear from young people in a variety of job sectors about what their roles involve and how they got to where they are today.

Q&A panel sessions

To celebrate National Careers Week 2022, we’re hosting a series of Q&A panels exploring jobs in healthcare, media and journalism, sport, music and arts, and technology. Celeb hosts Dr Alex George, Owain Wyn Evans, Max Whittle, Nadia Jae, and Rory Reid will be joined by people working within these sectors to get real-life insight into work life, along with top tips for thinking about your own careers. With panellists from the likes of the NHS, EastEnders, TikTok, and Abbey Road Studios, there’s something for everyone.

Explore careers by job sector

Job “sectors” is just a fancy way of saying which general area you work in – like law or education, finance or retail. Check out our careers by job sector page to hear from people working in areas that interest you, see how much you could get paid for different roles and what qualifications you might need to follow in their footsteps.

Getting ahead of the game

You’re thinking about your next steps, but how do you get going?! Take a look at the pages below for some top tips on what you can do now to prepare for your future.

Preparing for work: Where do I start?

From routes into work, to CVs, interviews and adapting during the pandemic, find out how you can prepare for getting a job.

Skills for work: Making your mark

Thinking about the world of work can feel overwhelming. The good news is, you’ve already got lots of skills that will come in handy! From making a great first impression, to getting on with your co-workers, check out this advice for how to go from strength to strength at work.

Enterprise skills: Being your own boss

Full of ideas? Fancy something a bit different than a standard nine to five? Find out what it takes to be your own boss from the likes of Richard Branson himself…

Navigating the workplace

So, you’ve landed a role, now how do you actually tackle workplace life?

The Nine to Five with Stacey Dooley

Exclusive bonus content from the recent BBC show The Nine to Five with Stacey Dooley, where five teens took on four industries – did they struggle or did they thrive? Stacey Dooley and the teens share their advice and stories from their ultimate work experience.

BBC opportunities

From TV to tech, there are lots of different roles that go into making the BBC what it is. Scroll down to hear what it’s like to work in some of these jobs and discover ways you may be able to get involved.

Working at the BBC

Take a glimpse behind the scenes to see which job roles are needed to make BBC favourites like EastEnders and Strictly, and learn how you could break into the industry.

Get involved

Head over to the BBC Get In blog to hear from trainees and apprentices currently working across the BBC. Find out more about opportunities to help you get your foot in the door on the BBC Kickstart Your Career page.

Interested in journalism and storytelling? For advice on how to get started putting together your own stories, check out BBC Young Reporter’s advice from journalists and presenters.